Termite Treatment

Termites are a menace to your home. These pests destroy a record of about $5 billion in property damage. In Dubai, termites are very prevalent, due to its hot climate and infrastructure. If you see any warning signs of termites, find the SOURCE is the key to completely protect your home. Let us help you protect your home.

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Termite Warning Signs

Do you see this symptoms your home?

Buckling Floorboards

These are signs of Termites! They may be residue of the pest eating the wood on the floorboards. Don’t waste time and let us help you find the source.

Piles of Wings

These are signs you have Termites! These are left by their male termites during mating season. Don’t waste time and let us help you find the source.


Crumbling or Damage Wood

These are definite signs of Termites! Don’t waste time and let us help you find the source.

The Pest Control Doctor

We view pest control in the same way as going to a medical doctor specializing in your type of infection. The specialists can dispense the precise medication if the cause of the complaint is found.

Our pest control doctors treat your home the same way, they are proficient in identifying different species of household pests and where they breed. Specific dosage is administered according to the type and severity of infestation. Our doctors endeavor to avoid the excessive use of pesticides in order to protect you and your home from over exposure.



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Free pest prognosis report and will be given within 48 hours.

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Complete care from pest diagnosis to pest prophylaxis.

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3 years minimum contract that protects your from all types of termites.

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Tailor Made Treatments plans and inspections.

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Re-infestation coverage

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Emergency Calls for sudden reinfestation.

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Highly Equipped Emergency Call Response Team.

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The Emergency Response team will be dispatched within 24 hours

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Immediate follow-ups in 3 days after the initial treatment

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Indoor and immediate vicinity protection.

Exclusive To First 100 Clients

We provide a first-class quality service to all our customers. We focus on providing personalized service to ensure that all aspects are covered. We are limiting ourselves to 100 clients to receive the Swiss Concept of sanitation and extermination. We reserve the right to decline a contract if we believe that our mandate will not be possible.

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