Know the Main Reason Why Pests Keep Coming Back Into your Home

The line “been there, done that” can’t be far from the truth when it comes to pest control. If you keep doing the same old mitigation that doesn’t work, you are in serious trouble. Despite the efforts (and the expense) you’ve done to eradicate rats, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, flies, and mosquitoes, these pests keep coming back. One thing is for sure; you were not doing it right!

Armadillos dig with the intention to hunt insects to eat or hide in the event that predators or humans come along. Therefore they are known as damaging creatures. The constant presence of holes in someone’s yard is a major inconvenience and nuisance. Houston Wildlife Removal assists in keeping Armadillos away from their yards by trapping or deterring them from entering.

Cockroaches Love the Dark and Dirty Corners      

                  Finding crawling pests in your kitchen such as cockroaches don’t necessarily mean your house is dirty. Roaches have very receptive antennae that could smell food from afar. They could have come from next door or from the open market where you’ve bought your fresh vegetables. They could have come from your previous home. Guano (bat droppings) in an attic can become a toxic situation if the spores in the bat poop become air borne and are inhaled. When a Cincinnati bat control service removes guano, the attic insulation is usually removed as well as bat guano can soil and destroy attic insulation.

                  Cockroaches are quite difficult to exterminate unless you hire a professional pest control service. If you stomp them or swat them to death (which could spread the microbes faster), you cannot kill them. Over-the-counter pesticides are ineffective against the roaches. They can spread potentially hazardous chemicals found in aerosol insect sprays as they crawl about, so make sure you contact a commercial pest control service for professional assistance.

These critters can breed so fast under the sink, behind furniture and fixtures, kitchen appliances, and sewers. They may not attack humans, but an infestation could cause diseases and inconvenience. Only a Municipality-accredited pest control service can help you eradicate this problem.

All Kinds of Ants

            Ants are found anywhere in the world. There are over 10,000 identified species known to man and they are not endemic to one location. They are most prevalent in tropical forests where the climate is warmer.

                  Ants may be vital to the whole eco-system but when they start invading your home, you just want to wipe out the entire species. Of all the arthropods, ants are known to be the most industrious insect in the family Formicidae. If only they are not destroying your property, you would have admired their tenacity and resilience. They never stop foraging for food and storing it for the proverbial “rainy season”.

                  Being the tenacious insects that they are, it would take more than just a pepper spray or insecticide to make them leave the house. Like the cockroaches and any other crawling pests, they are carriers of diseases and parasites. Aerosol sprays harm the environment and ants leave traces of the chemicals along their path. If their nest is inside your home, expect thousands of worker ants crawling in a single file to where the food is. Destroying their nest is a temporary solution.

Ants love sweets and anything edible. If these foods are accessible to them, they will keep coming back. An experienced pest exterminator will know which type of ant species lives in your house and which treatment will work best against them. Don’t hesitate to call for help; your friendly pest exterminator got your back.

Bedbugs on Your Mattress and Pillows

                  Who wouldn’t cringe at the mere mention of bedbugs? Imagine these tiny critters sucking your blood at night and leaving red marks on your skin, not to mention the burning itch. They are difficult to kill and could reproduce so quickly before you notice they have already taken over your bed.

                  If you are treating the bedbug infestation with an over-the-counter insecticide, don’t expect to see them gone too soon. Bedbugs are resilient pests. They don’t just pack their bags and leave. They stick to clothing, carpet, floor mats or just about anywhere they can hide and multiply. You don’t need a strong chemical to exterminate them, you just need a professional pest control service who knows where to locate the breeding spots and use the correct process of extermination, so they don’t come back to bother you again.

Gnawing Rats and Mice

                  Can you sleep when you hear a gnawing sound somewhere in the house in the middle of the night? How about the scratching sounds that tell you those little four-legged pests are coming in through your wall any time soon?

                  Rats and mice are very common in the densely populated areas in Dubai, they are one of the main reason why homeowners get a home inspection. They are smart and relentless especially during the fall and winter seasons. They can invade your home at any time of the day. However, rodents are a species of habits and are predictable. You can take preemptive measures to protect your home from their invasion, you just need to inspect your home to determine if rodent control is necessary. After all, your family’s health is at stake.

            What you can do:

  • Check your house thoroughly for any cracks, gaps, and small entry holes. Mice can enter an opening as small as a 50-dirham coin.
  • Seal all entry points. Fix broken windows, cover floor drains, install wire mesh in air ducts and ac exhaust.
  • Set up traps. Mice can be difficult to trap due to their small size and agility. Rats are bigger but cautious. You must be a skilled pest exterminator to know where these pesky rodents’ nest and breed. Mice are known to take revenge against humans who kill their kind; you don’t want your wardrobe torn and tattered, do you?
  • At the first sign of rodent infestation, call the pest control’s finest immediately. Don’t wait for the pests to ruin your favourite things before calling for expert help.

Mosquitoes and Flies

                  These pesky gnats are just too dangerous to keep around the house. Flies carry the bacteria Salmonella and mosquitoes are carriers of the dreaded Dengue and Ebola virus. Fortunately, they are easy to eradicate; professionally (of course!).

                  Flies are attracted to the scent of an uncovered food or a festering sore. A female housefly may hatch several batches of eggs. In summer, eggs hatch within 24 hours. They travel from one location to another bringing a host of diseases such as:

  • Asiatic Cholera
  • Pink Eye
  • Intestinal Infection
  • Stomach Flu
  • Food Poisoning
  • Tuberculosis
  • Enteric Fever

Mosquitoes spread deadly disease-causing microorganisms that killed millions of people worldwide. Every few years, we see a resurgence of the outbreaks so severe that it could wipe out an entire village.

The World Health Organization (WHO) [1] released the fact sheet on vector-borne diseases citing the alarming rate of mortality in the past decade. Zika virus, chikungunya, West Nile fever, and Encephalitis are just four of the deadliest viruses known to man that are transmitted by mosquitoes. 

Insect repellent sprays and topical anti-mosquito lotions are ineffective in killing the mosquitoes. DIY extermination can only do more harm than good. Many species have developed a resistance to the pesticides and the viruses may have mutated due to the same chemicals.

A Municipality-accredited pest control company can perform fumigation and other mitigation procedures right at the source of the infestation. It is very important to find their nests and breeding ground to effectively eliminate them. With the use of eco-friendly solutions, your pest problems will be over. Just leave it to the pros.


[1] World Health Organization (WHO). Mosquito-borne Diseases. Article.