5 Major Reasons Why Choosing a Reliable Pest Control Service in Dubai is A Must

Eradicating pests in residential areas in Dubai can be a daunting task for residents because the chemical-based pesticides are regulated by the Municipality and cannot be bought over the counter in supermarkets.

Choosing a reliable pest control service in Dubai is no easy task for a home inspection. There are many shady pest control companies offering very cheap services but are actually fly-by-night technicians using prohibited pesticides. We enumerate here the five reasons why you MUST carefully pick the pest control services for your home.

1.    Pesticides are government-regulated

The Dubai Municipality prohibited the use of 167 chemicals ten years ago, but these dangerous compounds can still be obtained on the black market. Thirty-two substances are regulated for use by legitimate and licensed pest control operators.

Unlicensed pest control operators use banned chemicals under another brand and packaging. There have been many reported deaths due to pesticide-poisoning since the Dubai Municipality banned the poisonous substances.

Some of the fatalities unknowingly inhaled the fumes of the banned chemicals used by unlicensed fumigators. The others were killed by the poisoned air after the neighbors used prohibited pesticides in their homes.

Some of the banned pesticides being used illegally are Methomyl, Diazinon and Aluminium Phosphide.

2.    DIY Pest Control is Ineffective

We already know that pesticides are regulated products in the UAE. Thus, you cannot buy them in hypermarkets or the mall’s department stores. What you will find in the stores and can be bought over the counter are insecticide aerosol sprays that are water-based and proven ineffective. Besides, Aerosol sprays are harmful to the environment. You can set up rat traps or hang an insect electrocutor but there is no guarantee that these pests will not come back.

3.    Industrial and commercial establishments cannot hire just any pest control company

It is now mandatory to secure approval from the Dubai Municipality before you can hire a pest control company to mitigate, if not eradicate, pest infestation in your commercial establishment. The government has a list of all licensed and accredited pest exterminators in the emirate.  The pesticides used must comply with specifications approved by Dubai municipality, health and environmental standards and technical requirements. You wouldn’t want to pay a hefty fine for violating the government’s directives.

4.    Effective pest control service should prevent pest recurrence

Pest control is both a science and an art. You cannot just spray chemicals or set up traps anywhere. It takes knowledge and training and understanding about the characteristics of the pests invading your home. A pest control doctor will know where to look and how to find the source of infestation.

A pest specialist knows the feeding behavior of the insects and rodents and the proper way to eradicate them. He knows that the breeding grounds and nesting places must be wiped out and entry points covered and secured.

However, even if you hire the best exterminator and paid a hefty sum for the service, your problem may return if you don’t do your share in keeping the pests at bay. Pests can be 100% controlled, only if you keep your surfaces clean and disinfected and follow these tips:

  • Clean up after any activities particularly in the kitchen. Don’t stack dirty dishes on the sink overnight.
  • Do full cleaning and disinfection on a weekday when the kids are in school. Weekends are fine if the children stay outdoors until the job is done.
  • Keep cooked foods covered. Keep leftover foods inside the fridge.
  • Throw away used grocery bags. If you are re-using them for garbage, keep those in a dry box or bag.
  • Regularly clean up oil splatters on the wall, exhaust fan and cooking range. Steam cleaning works well in breaking down built up grease.
  • Air out the rooms to release toxic gases and fumes from burnt fuel.
  • Control indoor humidity to prevent moisture that promotes breeding of bedbugs and mosquitoes.
  • Keep your dust bins covered. Take the garbage out before going to bed.

5.    Pest control can be a costly maintenance if you are not being smart about it.

Cheap services may be able to keep the pests away for a week or two, but they are sure to come back when the conditions are favorable. After a few recurrences, you will realize you have paid more on repeat services than paying a premium rate on the unique service process of a reputable company.

These are the reasons why you should invest on a reliable pest control service in Dubai. You will never go wrong by the Municipality and you will save money, time and effort in the long run.