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A SaniEx Pest Control specialist will carefully inspect your property to determine the specific type of pest and level of infestation by using sticky traps and/or monitoring stations.

This is key to successfully eliminate the threat of Termites.


The Termite treatment is carried out over two visits, which are about two weeks apart. On the first visit, your pest controller will use a specialized insecticide which has a very powerful knockdown effect. Any present termites and their eggs will die in time as the insecticide has a long-lasting residual effect.

If you choose our full treatment (which is highly recommended), the technician will return 2 weeks after the initial treatment.

During the second visit he will observe the results from the first spraying and apply another pest control formula that has a much more prolonged residual effect so your property will be protected for an extended period of time.

You can also request 1 more additional visit for free within a period of 3 months after the initial treatment.

The pest exterminator will provide you with a detailed report about the service upon completion. He will also offer you advice on prevention of future bed bug infestations.

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